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“Ben Noble has done it! This improv book is almost as fun as improvising. He has compiled all the schools of improv under one roof and made it so practical and easy to follow, you’re having such a good time that you forget that you are actually reading.”

—Jimmy Carrane, Host of the Improv Nerd Podcast

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An Improv Book Full of
Straightforward Advice You
Can Try at Your Show Tonight

Want to get better at improv but feel like you’re stuck in a rut? Does it seem like your teammates and improv idols are having more fun up there than you are? Do you spend a lot of time worrying if you’re even doing this right?

We’ve all felt those feelings throughout our improv careers—it’s practically a right of passage. The issue is that improv teachers around the world all give the same advice. They’ll tell you “not worry so much” or “follow the fun.” It sounds good in the abstract, but when you have a show tonight you need something a little more actionable.

Improv ABC is the improv book for improvisers who want a swift kick in the butt. It’s for those of us who crave simple and straightforward tips and tricks about improv’s most important concepts.
Inside, you’ll find:
  • C is for Character, with three easy strategies to stop playing yourself.
  • S is for Suggestion, for when you’ve already done 14 “pineapple” and “dildo” shows.
  • R is for Relationship, with 5 ways to make them stronger (on stage, that is).
  • And of course, G is for Game, so we can stop the iO-UCB feud and get back to making people laugh.

And there are, obviously, 22 other letters, and they stand for things too. Big important improv things. The things we all need to master to become unstoppable.

From beginners to veteran performers, the best improvisers never stop learning. This improv book makes the fundamentals fun (😂 ) so you can have more fun on stage, starting tonight (well…in 2 days…cause Prime Shipping). The book’s broken up into convenient, easily-readable sections full of fun but informative doodles, so you can quickly brush up on all things improv—from getting the most out of the suggestion to choosing an outfit for your next show. So stop stressing out and start making improv fun again.
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